Hi I’m Jim.” “Hi I’m ilde.” “And WE are She­HeWe pho­tog­ra­phy!” Wow didn’t that sound cheesy. (grin and wink)


If we met you in per­son we would most likely hug not shake hands, drink beer or cof­fee with you depend­ing on the hour and there would most def­i­nitely be some ref­er­ence in our con­ver­sa­tion to Arrested Devel­op­ment, The Office or Princess Bride. We are pho­tog­ra­phers (see intro) but I would say we see our­selves more along the lines of being cre­atives more than any­thing. Jim plays gui­tar, makes an incred­i­ble egg sand­wich and can fly a paper air­plane like no other. I (ilde) can be found scrib­bling lines of prose on any and every receipt, I can shower sing like a boss and have been known to take mun­dane con­ver­sa­tions and turn them into operettas.
We both, above all else, love to “play” and we feel that is the rea­son cou­ples seek us out most. Because the art of play and emo­tion and true laugh­ter can some­times get suf­fo­cated under­neath all the daily plan­ning, the details and the stuff of life. We like to bring cou­ples back to each other– back to the rea­sons you are choos­ing each other for life in the first place. And if it takes two crazy pho­tog­ra­phers, a paper bag and some ketchup then –so be it.

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