It is incredibly fun for me to come to a family's home and let them do life together. I completely understand the times when a true "sit down together" family portrait is needed but more often than not when I am looking through my own childhood photos, I'm not drawn to the posed ones of me and my parents looking directly at the camera. I am always smiling and reminiscing over the photos of us laughing at each other or running in the backyard or the spontaneous photo of me washing the car with my dad. I cherish those photos the most because they help me remember that moment in a deeply emotional way. The Dharamsi family have a crazy, fun, hectic life with two young boys running around and I am always bursting at the seams with love and appreciation when I leave their home! Here they are raising sons, celebrating a one year birthday (and allowing big brother in on the cake action), splashing water on the floor, towel snuggles, and shaving with dad. (sorry Latif he put shaving cream in your ear!) Here they are in their now because who only knows what next year might look like?