It is incredibly fun for me to come to a family's home and let them do life together. I completely understand the times when a true "sit down together" family portrait is needed but more often than not when I am looking through my own childhood photos, I'm not drawn to the posed ones of me and my parents looking directly at the camera. I am always smiling and reminiscing over the photos of us laughing at each other or running in the backyard or the spontaneous photo of me washing the car with my dad. I cherish those photos the most because they help me remember that moment in a deeply emotional way. The Dharamsi family have a crazy, fun, hectic life with two young boys running around and I am always bursting at the seams with love and appreciation when I leave their home! Here they are raising sons, celebrating a one year birthday (and allowing big brother in on the cake action), splashing water on the floor, towel snuggles, and shaving with dad. (sorry Latif he put shaving cream in your ear!) Here they are in their now because who only knows what next year might look like?



Mandy and Bip are precious to us. We have photographed their wedding, maternity and now I was glad to hold in my arms their extremely precious little girl Kennedy this year! I pretty much love this part of my job and it brings tears to my eyes to see the love and commitment they made to each other years ago reach all the way down to their amazing little child. We spent the day together getting Kennedy to shut those baby blues of hers but she was rarely having it! Big furry brother Murphy looked on from the window outside at all of our crazy shenanigans  and of course no newborn session is complete without an ode to the Lion King! Love you guys-



I always try to find new places to shoot. There are so many beautiful parks and such here in Williamson County, but as an artist I sometimes find myself getting a little burnt out or letting my creativity slip a little if I frequent the same places too often. When the Millers booked with me for the 8th time (or is it 9th now Kristin? LOL) I knew I needed to find a new place to run around and discover. After a drive about town I found this old run down gem and some fun dried grass (my favorite!) and knew that beautiful backlight would be gorgeous in the morning.  Mr. Barrett is a cute little runaway- lucky for me I had big sister to corral him in! Thanks for making me smile every time I am with you.

So we were getting ready to head out the door for some indoor trick or treating.  The door bell rang and the amazing David Molnar was bringing Jim back a piece of gear he had borrowed.  He saw that we were dressed as MarioBrothers so he offered to snap a couple photos....Little did he know we would sucker him into the basement and make him eat his words!!  :-)  Thanks again David, seriously fun to be on the other side of the camera.

Jenna and Sunthy just welcomed their second boy to the family! We know these super sweet people because a few years back we photographed their reception here in Nashville.

In the midst of a new baby, they built a new home and moved- talk about major changes all at once! The two handled everything with such grace and big brother was eager to show me his new room and his costume for Halloween and his favorite Dr Seuss story! I can't wait to see these guys grow together. Brayden is already a doting big brother. Thanks for letting me squeeze on your gorgeous dark haired boy! love!

It was a little overcast and muddy when we headed out to a friend's farm for Erin's maternity session but the sun peeked through just a bit towards the end and we had some fun chasing chickens too! I so badly wanted one in the shot but those suckers are quick and I'm sure it was super funny watching me kiss at them and try to cajole them into coming towards me for a close up. Maybe I'm not meant to be a poultry photographer- I digress. :) Palmer was a little shy at first but he quickly started hamming it up and giving big cheesy grins that were absolute show stoppers. He will be a big bro to Harrison in just a few short weeks. Excited to see them again soon!



Johanna is funny AND smart. I had to use my magic bag a lot to get her to sit still for me because she is quite the adventurer. At one point, while wearing her fancy pink cowboy hat, I was having her momma do crazy faces behind my back. She laughed and made faces and then said to me, "Now turn around and take pictures of my mom and I will make funny faces behind your back."  I told you she is smart. We ended the day with her favorite dress up and she gave me some awesome pouty faces too. Johanna you are such a fun little girl to be around!







I live in Nashville- my cousin in San Diego. We had this all planned out. Mid Sept she would fly me out to Cali to photograph her firstborn son. Yes! So exciting. Well this little guy needed more excitement! He decided to show his face to the world 5 weeks early! Meet Evan. He weighs in at 5lbs 14oz, has the most luxurious black hair and loves to "practice smile". I'm sure he will grow up loving sushi and the sound of the ocean. Lucky boy!

This summer, most of you know, we took 3 weeks and drove across country all the way to our hometown of San Diego. On the way back I coerced my daughter into a quick impromptu session in the desert. And surprisingly she was up for it.  Must have been the dramamine I gave her earlier for car sickness kicking in! :) The top few is her giving me the camera stank but the few on the bottom are full of her personality. My beauty below toughing it through the hot sun and thorns...

On June 23 of this month I am thrilled to be shooting Manor House sessions at Homestead Manor in Thompsons Station (just south of Franklin). This is a rare opportunity to have beautiful, whimsical photos of your children at a turn of the century home and property!


  • 3o minute session

  • 5 digital images for downloading and printing

  • option to buy the whole session (typically 20-30 images) for $200

I have 7 spots open from 1pm to 7pm- June 23 email me for more info at  (I am so excited- can ya tell!!)