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October 15, 2016
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Lake Tahoe may be a new favorite spot for us now thanks to Stephanie and Michael.  Last spring when we met Stephanie, she asked our thoughts on pho­tograph­ing a “Day After” shoot at Lake Tahoe her home­town.  For those of you who know us, we pretty much work so we can travel and when both worlds col­lide, Bazinga!!!  Mag­i­cal things hap­pen! We were curi­ous and soon found out that Stephanie is from a lit­tle town right on the lake and she grew up in this won­drously beau­ti­ful place.  It’s so not fair –I know.  So the day after their wed­ding we all hopped on a South­West Flight to Reno, grabbed a rental car and headed up the moun­tain. We spent our first evening scout­ing loca­tions that we liked which meant dri­ving the entire cir­cum­fer­ence of the lake!  It isn’t dif­fi­cult to find a great spot, just go out­side at the right time of day and BOOM it is lit­er­ally all around you.  We did how­ever climb to the top of Cave Rock which ilde decided to shoot the wide angle shot since she is not a lover of heights. ha ha  I’ll be hon­est, I was a lit­tle ner­vous up there, too. Shh­h­hhh.  We chased light for the next hour or so, hid­ing between trees and scram­bling over lake rocks in a giant wed­ding gown no less.   As sun­set approached, we were try­ing to find a spot that was safe for Stephanie and Michael to walk out into the water.  After my mis­guided direc­tions and some fast jog­ging to chase the sun­set we finally made it right as the sun was dis­ap­pear­ing from view. But the image we shot made all the crazy worth it!

Moral of the story? All you poten­tial and cur­rent brides that are like.… “Hey, wait we want to do some­thing amaz­ing like this.”  Just let us know.  Our bags may already be packed!

jim and ilde

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